Airline Support (Regulatory)

Airline Regulatory Compliance

In our modern world aviation has become one of the most highly regulated industries, and the plethora of such regulations, if not understood and properly dealt with, can have a dramatic effect on an airline’s profitability – even its very existence! Add to that the abundance of additional regulations that are faced when operating internationally, and the task can be daunting. APG can become the lifeline for airlines drowning in the regulatory swamp, and our team is among the most highly experienced in the world where it really counts – making the regulations work for you, and protecting you from the pitfalls of noncompliance. Here are but a few of the many ways that APG can help –

  • Airline development – comprehensive
  • Airline interline negotiations
  • Airline landing rights negotiation
  • Airline regulatory compliance
  • Airline route analysis services
  • Airline route negotiations
  • Audits for compliance with the FAR’s
  • Certification under US FAA Part 129.14
  • Foreign Air Carrier Permits from the US Department of Transportation
  • Public Charter Permits (Part 380) from the US Department of Transportation
  • Permits to use foreign registered aircraft in service with a US Commercial Airline (Part 375)
  • Foreign Air Carrier landing rights (Part 129) from the US Federal Aviation Administration
  • Foreign ownership of US Air Carriers
  • Obtain Aircraft Operating Certificates (AOC) worldwide

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is a world leader in providing International Regulatory Guidance and development assistance to airlines and aircraft owners, in every corner of the globe.


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