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The team at the APG will look out for your aviation interests, and daunting tasks will start to “look up” for you and your company. The APG was founded on the premise that there is no aviation regulatory task too challenging, nor any aircraft or airline support job too complex, that the APG team cannot make your job easier,  completed faster, and with the least “grief”. Government bodies regulate the aviation industry, as they should. But few of them are designed with “customer convenience” in mind. Accordingly, “making it easier” is our job. Whether you need thirty minutes of our time assisting you with the proper registration of your light aircraft, or use of our full team  for months to restructure your international airline, we are there as your Airline Consulting firm to look out for you and  your interests. Look us up. You will be happy that you did.

Aviation Professionals Group

is a world leader in providing International Regulatory Guidance and development assistance to airlines and aircraft owners, in every corner of the globe.


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