Aviation Consulting Firm Announces New President

C.A. Southerland Named President of Aviation Professionals Group

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 8, 2011— Aviation Professionals Group (APG) has named C.A. Southerland as president of the international aviation consulting firm. Southerland joined the firm in 2008 and has more than twenty-five years of aviation experience, which includes founding his own airline.

Rick Asper, founder and chairman of APG, praised Southerland’s dynamic skills and expertise in international aviation support and development. “One of the most difficult things to instill in someone providing professional services to aviation clients is empathy and understanding of that client’s needs and priorities.  Aviation is, by its nature, a ‘time sensitive’ industry, and C.A. Southerland has shown an uncanny appreciation for those objectives.  And the APG staff who he now leads appreciates both his leadership skills as well as his decades of experience being on the ‘aviation client’ side of the table.” said Asper.

Southerland is looking forward to his new role at APG. “I’m thrilled to continue serving the aviation community in my new position as president of the Aviation Professionals Group. Our commitment to superior client relationships and unequaled consultations remains the priority of this firm,” said Southerland.

Southerland’s expansive resume includes experience serving a variety of airlines; servicing business and tourism industries; a financial, operations, regulations, and administration manager; an airline/government interface negotiation expert; and an airline consultant with broad international experience.

One of Southerland’s particular areas of expertise is in guiding aviation-related businesses through all aspects of development and planning, with an emphasis on international operations and permitting, as well as economic modeling and the authoring of bids to obtain U. S. Government contracts. He’s currently active with clients in twelve countries on five continents, all in varying stages of airline development—from the start-up phases, through a variety of certifications, with an emphasis on sustainable business modeling and profitability.

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Dedicated to assisting clients through the myriad of U.S. regulations, APG offers operational support and development in every area related to aviation. Assistance, as it pertains to the Aviation Consulting Firm, ranges from properly registering a light aircraft all the way to restructuring an international airline. Founder and chairman Rick Asper has thirty-five years of aviation expertise, with an emphasis in the field of airline and airport regulatory affairs. APG continues to augment the firm with experienced specialists committed to providing world-class customer service.

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