Aviation Consulting

Aviation consulting frequently involves everything from assistance with aircraft acquisitions, to the negotiation of aircraft leases, to guiding airlines through various certifications, to pilot training advice, to the creation of airline business plans… and the list could go on and on. However, aviation consulting is also something at which many profess to be expert, yet few possess the depth of experience necessary to truly make such a claim. The Aviation Professionals Group (APG), on the other hand, consists of individuals who have decades of experience in every conceivable discipline of aviation, both private and commercial, and, are genuinely qualified to guide airlines and aircraft owners through every task and/or assignment that is typically associated with aviation consulting. In this world of “fake it until you make it” the APG stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’ve “made it”, and we exist to help you do so too.

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Aviation Professionals Group

is a world leader in providing International Regulatory Guidance and development assistance to airlines and aircraft owners, in every corner of the globe.


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