Airline Consulting

Airline Consulting

The Aviation Professionals Group (APG) is made up of professionals in every discipline of aviation, and our expert consultants have served in every major position within a variety of airlines, including such airline positions as CEO, COO, Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, Senior VP of Development, VP of International Operations…, as well as many other line functions valuable for airline consulting.  What this means is that, when it comes to airline consulting, we’ve “been there, done that.”  The concept of airline consulting is, regrettably, one of those skills that many advertise, and few possess in “real time.” The consultants and regulatory experts at APG not only have decades of real, firsthand experience in leading a variety of airlines, in a variety of countries, but for them airline consulting is their passion.  There’s nothing that we like better than engaging with you to make your airline dream a reality, or to apply our knowledge, skills and experience to help your struggling airline emerge as the best it can be.  APG’s airline consulting services range from simple, single task assignments, such as obtaining a permit to land in a foreign country, all the way to completely reinventing your domestic or international airline, from the ground up, including all aspects of marketing, operations, regulations and approvals.

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Aviation Professionals Group

is a world leader in providing International Regulatory Guidance and development assistance to airlines and aircraft owners, in every corner of the globe.


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